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Riyad as-Saliheen 1528

Abud-Darda' (May Allah be pleased with him) said:
The Prophet ﷺ said, "He who defends the honour of his (Muslim) brother, Allah will secure his face against the Fire on the Day of Resurrection."


- وعن أبي الدرداء رضي الله عنه، عن النبي ﷺ قال:
"من رد عن عِرض أخيه، رد الله عن وجهه النار يوم القيامة".((رواه الترمذي وقال حديث حسن.))


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Riyad as-Saliheen 1528
Riyad as-Saliheen Book of Prohibited actions, Hadith 18