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Copyright Policy

This site contains a variety of copyright material. Some of this is the intellectual property of individuals, some is owned by the Some material owned by others and yet other material is in the public domain. Our aim is to make this website a single stop to download materials that may be helpful to the ummah as a whole.

Copyright notice goes as follows:

  • Any material that is owned solely by (Articles section), please feel free to share, copy etc. However, we would love to see a back link to our site.
  • Any material that is in public domain (sections: Quran, Hadith), we hereby grant you permission to reuse it.
  • We have been contacted by several book publications multiple times to ask for the permissions to use quotes from Hadith section and/or Quran section. Please note that you are granted permission to use these materials. If you still want it in writing, please feel free to contact us via email [subject: Permissions Request - {UNIQUE_NAME} ] (replace UNIQUE_NAME with publications name or anything that identfies you).
  • All the other materials on the website (Books, MP3, etc.) must follow their respective copyright notices.
  • When scraping our data, please remember few things
    • Our data is not perfect but our team work day and night every day to improve it.
    • We do not take any responsibilty of wrong data that ends up in your website / app or elsewhere you want to display.
    • We are working on API that would be a good way to use our data instead of scraping it. We are tracking this work here


If you own a certain property and would like us to take it down, please feel free to contact us via email [subject: "Take Down Request"]. We will need to verify your identity and try our best to take-down the material(s) from the site.

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