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Alhamdullilah, serves thousands of Muslims everyday and there are others who're in search of truth and come here to research. You can get a share of reward by contributing to this project in the following ways.

Your donations will cover:

  • Server costs, where
    • serves the traffic from all around the world
    • search is run against over 50000+ ahādīth of our beloved Prophet ﷺ
    • searches various translations of meaning of the Noble Qur'an
    • disks to accomodate verse-by-verse recitations, translations and serve them for those who're memorizing the Qur'an and those who just want to listen to them
    • articles are written and served
    • databases are hosted
  • Domain name(s): The name "" and other associated tld domain names ( cost money to rent. We cover these costs with donations.
  • Data fixes: We have built various tools to fix the data, e.g, hadith spelling, translations, classifications etc.
  • Bug fixes: Any site-related errors are fixed as top priority
  • Security risks: We actively work on the project to keep it safe and away from the dirty hands.
  • New features: We work day and night to add new features to keep the platform up-to-date with latest technologies and design patterns to keep search engines happy.
  • Authenticate the data: We spend dedicated time to authenticate data on ad-hoc basis, comparing our data with authentic books like books published by Darussalām publications

We opened this door of donations so that people may contribute towards this project and share the reward with us. Please consider becoming a monthly supported by activating monthly donations.

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Jazaakumullahu Khayraa

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Another way to contribute to the project is by submitting the error reports. This includes anything that is abnormal including broken links, translations / spelling mistakes or feature not working. You can report to us via our planner

If you notice any security issues, please email us privately.

There are other Muslims around the world who are in need of your donation and assistance.

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Buy Hard Copies

The original authors of the translations and people who digitised their work have gone through years of efforts to translate the ahādīth for us. Please support them by buying hard copies and remembering them in your du'ā. Online sites are good for quick references and searching but we ( team) have very little contribution as compare to these brothers and sisters. Buying hard copies also help good publications like Darussalām and IIPH etc.


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