The Message

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Islam was the religion of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad and all other prophets who came in-between (may Allāh’s peace and blessings be upon all of them). The message kept changing by the passage of time, because of evil people and the accursed devil. Everytime, there was a need of a Prophet, Allāh sent them to the people, some followed them, others rejected them. The last and the final Prophet, Prophet Muḥammad (may Allāh’s blessings be upon him), came about 1440 years ago who was given the last and the final Message, The Noble Qur’an (also written as Koran, Qurʾān). Whoever read it with sincerity to search the Truth, Allāh guided him to the truth and whoever read it to reject it, Allāh turned his heart away from the Truth.

Because Qur’an is the last Revelation from Our Lord, Allāh (may He be Glorified) promised us that He will Protect it and His Promise is fulfilled. The Book is protected from any alterations. Millions of muslims around the world memorise Qur’an in the original text and an open challenge of the Qur’an still stands. Another thing to note here is that, when Prophet Muḥammad (may Allāh’s blessings be upon him) recited the verses of Qurʾān to polytheists of Makkah, they started to call him names while they knew that Prophet Muḥammad (may Allāh’s blessings be upon him) was unlettered (as also prophesied in the previous scriptures). Rest assured, he was protected throughout from all sorts of deviations. Read more about this great man ﷺ who set his foot on the face of the earth. 1

Our message to you is to read the Qur’an with sincerity. It will free you from the shakles of this world and give you whole new prespective of life and show you the real reason of your creation.

We end our message with a warning to those who turn away, now that you have heard about Islam, the proof has been estabilished and you will not have any excuse when you will be standing before Your Lord, unanswerable. You MUST accept Islam NOW, otherwise, if you die in the state of disbelief, we warn you of the severe punishment from the Most Merciful.

If you accept Islam by submitting your will to the commands of Your Lord, receive glad-tidings of being as pure (from sins) as you were, when you were born. You start from scratch and most of all, Your Lord will be Pleased with you and He will cause you to enter His Paradise which is filled with everlasting blessings. Indeed that is the true success.

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