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Riyad as-Saliheen 513

Fadalah bin 'Ubaid Al-Ansari (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
I heard Messenger of Allah ﷺ say: "Happiness is due to him who is guided to Islam and possesses provision that suffices him for his day and remains content."

[At- Tirmidhi].

-وعن أبي محمد فضاله بن عبيد الأنصاري رضي الله عنه ، أنه سمع رسول الله ﷺ يقول :
"طوبى لمن هدي إلى الإسلام ، وكان عيشه كفافا ،وقنع " ((رواه الترمذي وقال :حديث حسن صحيح )).


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Riyad as-Saliheen 513
Riyad as-Saliheen Book of Miscellany, Hadith 513