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Riyad as-Saliheen 1821

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, "By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, the world will not come to an end until a man passes by a grave and will lie over it saying, 'Would that I were in this grave (i.e., dead)!' Not he will say so because of religious reasons but because of widespread mischief and severe trials of this world."

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

وعنه رضي الله عنه قال: قال رسول الله ﷺ :
" والذي نفسي بيده لا تذهب الدنيا حتى يمر الرجل بالقبر، فيتمرغ عليه، ويقول: ياليتني مكان صاحب هذا القبر، وليس به الدين، ما به إلا البلاء" ((متفق عليه)).


Sahih (Authentic)


Riyad as-Saliheen 1821
Riyad as-Saliheen Book of Miscellaneous ahadith of Significant Values, Hadith 14