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Muwatta Imam Malik Book of Hajj, Hadith 243

Malik said, I still hear that when a person in ihram kills an ostrich, a camel is due."
Malik said, "I think that for an ostrich egg, one tenth of the price of a camel is due in the same way that there is a newly-born male or female slave for the unborn child of a free woman. The value of the newly-born slave is fifty dinars, and that is one-tenth of what the blood-money for the mother would be.
"Birds from the eagle family, eagles or falcons or vultures count as game for which a price is paid just as a price is paid for any game which a person in ihram kills. For everything for which a penalty is paid, the assessment is the same, whether the animal is old or young. The analogy of that is that the blood-money for the young and the old freeman, are considered to be the same."


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Muwatta Imam Malik Book of Hajj, Hadith 243