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Sunan Abi Dawood 1753

This tradition has also been transmitted by Shu’bah through a different chain of narrators similar to that reported by Abu al-Walid. This version adds he then took out the blood by pressing it with his hand.

Abu Dawud said:

Hammam’s version has the words “He took out the blood by pressing with his fingers”.

Abu Dawud said this tradition has been narrated by the people of Basrah who alone are its transmitters.

حَدَّثَنَا مُسَدَّدٌ، حَدَّثَنَا يَحْيَى، عَنْ شُعْبَةَ، بِهَذَا الْحَدِيثِ بِمَعْنَى أَبِي الْوَلِيدِ قَالَ ثُمَّ سَلَتَ الدَّمَ بِيَدِهِ . قَالَ أَبُو دَاوُدَ رَوَاهُ هَمَّامٌ قَالَ سَلَتَ الدَّمَ عَنْهَا بِإِصْبَعِهِ . قَالَ أَبُو دَاوُدَ هَذَا مِنْ سُنَنِ أَهْلِ الْبَصْرَةِ الَّذِي تَفَرَّدُوا بِهِ .


Sahih (Authentic)


Sunan Abi Dawood 1753
Sunan Abi Dawood Vol. 2, Book of The Rites of Hajj, Hadith 1749